Eskom reveals 600MW power shortage

[img:Duvha%20eq_0.jpg|Eskom's Duvha
power station unit 4,
after the incident
]Pretoria, South Africa --- ESI-AFRICA.COM --- 28 November 2011 - Workers who deviated from the rules earlier this year knocked unit four at Eskom’s Duvha power station ‒ which meant 600MW of critical generation capacity ‒ out of the generation system.

South Africa’s national power utility has disclosed the findings of a comprehensive investigation into an event that on February 9 resulted in massive damage to the steam turbine, electricity generator and components supporting the unit at Duvha. Sake24 reports that the loss of 600MW could topple the balance of South Africa's extremely fragile electricity supply, again causing power cuts to ravage the country, particularly over the coming three months.

Armed troops take over Nigerian power stations

[img:Soldiers%20-%20Pic%201_0.jpg|One of Nigeria’s
packed churches ‒
they now have army
protection against
]Lagos, Nigeria --- ESI-AFRICA.COM --- 15 November 2011 - Armed soldiers have taken over most of Nigeria’s power stations, including the Egbin power station, as workers at the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) threatened to withdraw their services.

Cahora Bassa power expansion reduces carbon emissions

[img:Cahora_0.jpg|Cahora Bassa ‒
its power grid is clean
]Maputo, Mozambique --- ESI-AFRICA.COM --- 28 October 2011 - The expansion of the national electricity grid, based on the Cahora Bassa dam, across most of Mozambique has greatly reduced the level of carbon dioxide emissions from the country’s electricity sector.

Making this statement at a seminar here, Telma Manjate ‒ key expert on climate change in the Environment Ministry ‒ said that electricity was the only sector of the Mozambican economy that had managed to reduce its carbon emissions since 1990.

Demonstration for safety in mining

[img:NUM_0.jpg|The NUM ‒ airs
grievances on safety
in mining
]Johannesburg, South Africa --- ESI-AFRICA.COM --- 05 October 2011 - Eskom officials were included with representatives of the Chamber of Mines and the departments of Labour and Mineral Resources, when about 3 500 mineworkers submitted a memorandum of grievances on health and safety in the mining industry.

Chile struck by massive power blackout

Santiago, Chile --- ESI-AFRICA.COM --- 26 September 2011 - A massive power blackout darkened vast swaths of Chile, including the capital city, over the weekend, and also paralysed crucial copper mines in the country before energy started to be restored.

76 die in Kenyan oil explosion

[img:Pipeline%20rw_0.jpg|Sheeting covers the
bodies of victims of
the oil pipeline fire
and explosion on the
outskirts of Nairobi
]Nairobi, Kenya --- ESI-AFRICA.COM --- 13 September 2011 - At least 53 people died when the Nairobi-Mombasa oil pipeline operated by the Kenya Pipeline Company spilled fuel into a slum in eastern Nairobi, causing an explosion, according to police and ambulance officials.

Koeberg investigation underway

[img:Koeberg%20-%20w_0.jpg|Koeberg nuclear
power station
]Johannesburg, South Africa --- ESI-AFRICA.COM --- 06 September 2011 - Engineers from South African national power utility Eskom Holdings have been investigating what caused one of the Koeberg nuclear power plant’s units to shut down.

Unit 2 At Koeberg automatically switched off yesterday after a protection system flagged a problem with one of the motors.

Summer also presents challenge for Eskom

[img:Tight%20-%20Pic%201_0.jpg| ]Johannesburg, South Africa --- ESI-AFRICA.COM --- 25 August 2011 - South African national power utility Eskom Holdings has revealed that its upcoming summer season will be challenging as it ramps up maintenance at its various power plants, but adds that it
is not issuing any blackout warnings.

“We are not warning of blackouts. We are saying that summer is more challenging than winter, because we have to take advantage of the space cleared by lower demand to do our maintenance,” Eskom spokesperson Hilary Joffe told Reuters.

Board of DRC state energy supplier sacked

[img:DRC%20flag_0.jpg| ]Kinshasa, DRC --- ESI-AFRICA.COM --- 22 August 2011 - The board of SNEL ‒ the state-owned energy supplier of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is to be sacked for mismanagement, following a series of power cuts in the country's capital.

The sackings come months ahead of polls, in which President Joseph Kabila is set to face re-election but is likely to struggle to win over voters in the teeming city of 10 million.

Added safety will not boost nuclear costs

[img:Reactors%20d_0.jpg|The Fukushima nuclear
plant in Japan ‒ before
the crisis
]Vienna, Austria --- ESI-AFRICA.COM --- 22 August 2011 - Planned steps to boost global nuclear safety in the wake of Japan's Fukushima nuclear disaster last March are not expected to result in any major increases in costs for the world’s reactor operators.

U.N. atomic energy chief Yukiya Amano made this revelation here to Reuters in comments that may help to reassure nuclear power firms. He said: “It is true that there is additional cost. For private companies spending more is always difficult. But this does not involve an enormous amount of money.”

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