Refilwe Mokgosi AMEU president

Women in Energy: No room for complacency says AMEU president

The AMEU president, Refilwe Mokgosi, is a role model for women as she sets high goals and expects nothing less than “great!” results from hard work.
Fiddler’s Ferry Coal-Fired Power Station

Taxes on coal close to zero finds Taxing Energy Use report

Taxing Energy Use 2019 report shows that for 44 countries accounting for over 80% of energy emissions, taxes on polluting sources of energy are too low.

Get ready for the electric vehicle market takeover

Imagine the boardroom discussions underway at major car manufacturers as they make decisions on investing in the electric vehicle (EV) market.
Enel Foundation

How buildings and construction sector can reach net zero emissions

World Green Building Council has issued a report that states how buildings and construction sector can reach 40% less embodied carbon emissions by 2030.

Six African projects shine in Million Cool Roofs Challenge

Ten award-winning project teams have each received $100,000 under the global Million Cool Roofs Challenge, to deploy their solutions between September 2019 and December 2020.
East Africa

What does the future of energy in East Africa look like?

Arriving in Nairobi on Monday brought back memories of last year’s Future Energy East Africa conference, which addressed topics such as electrification rates and mini-grid development in a region.
Smart cities

Op-Ed: Smart cities are needed now, highlights from WEF

SANEDI's general manager energy efficiency provides the highlights from the recent World Economic Forum on Africa, where smart cities was a topical point.

Manufacturing sector invests in solar to supplement energy needs

Sheffield Manufacturing in Durban, South Africa, has turned to solar as a way to supplement energy needs, go green and bring costs down.

Infant gorillas named during Commonwealth meeting

The Secretary-General of the Commonwealth, Patricia Scotland, was granted the honour of naming a baby gorilla during the Kwita Izina Rwandan ceremony.

Africa to record 3.4% growth rate in the overall building stock

A new report looks at the global building stock and the relationship between the market and energy sustainability and climate change.

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