Six tips to save on electricity costs

Eaton provides six ways to follow in order to reduce energy consumption at home and contribute to national grid stability.
Maniv Mobility

Israel’s Maniv Mobility set to receive $100m investment

International automakers BMW, Hyundai, the allied Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi brands, jet-maker Lear, and others have invested $100m into an Israel-based mobility fund.
energy efficiency

Global commission to examine progress on energy efficiency

The IEA has established a global commission to examine how progress on energy efficiency can be rapidly accelerated through new and stronger policy action.

Motor protection with added value

Devan Reddy, product manager at Eaton explains how information about a motor's status can make an important contribution to improving system availability.

Continuous filling of chunky sauces meets innovative automation

Pre-cooked sauces are convenient for the consumer but pose a challenge for bottlers and their machines and calls for innovative automation.

AfDB power expert in webinar to explore alternatives to mines’ reliance...

The AfDB's chief regional power systems officer will talk on exploring the alternatives to mines’ reliance on grid power in live webinar on 18 July.

IEA launches new global commission for urgent action

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has launched a new Global Commission for Urgent Action on Energy Efficiency.
Smart buildings

Schneider Electric targets IoT and smart building development in Africa

Commercial Real Estate consumes 53% of the world’s electric consumption and will grow to over 80%, by 2040 driving the need for smart building design.
smart building

Pioneering UAE smart building selects Johnson Controls and Microsoft

Bee’ah’s head office takes smart building design to new heights by infusing artificial intelligence across systems and spaces, including digital concierge.
gas flaring

Will Nigeria’s fresh look into gas flaring, finally end it?

The Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority has revealed plans to invest in the biggest gas flare capture, which is anticipated to finally end gas flaring.

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