Op-Ed: Closing Africa’s infrastructure gap

It is important for investors to understand the different categories of infrastructure assets, as well as the different life-stages of their development.

Ed’s Note: The electricity grid…going, going, gone

The reappearance of planned rotational loadshedding in March raised the question of how South Africans can go completely off the electricity grid.

Poll Results: Can renewables support the job market?

Poll results: does the renewable energy job market hold sufficient opportunities to support the need for jobs to reduce the unemployment rate? 

Op-Ed: Crowdfunding, an untapped funding resource for renewables

Crowdfunding initiatives is proving to be a new for small and innovative renewable energy projects that are battling to raise funds through formal channels.
register your solar pv

Poll: Is Eskom’s winter plan to keep the lights on workable?

Eskom's winter plan has been publicised, but are you convinced that these measures will see you through the winter months?
carbon tax Bill

Op-Ed: Revised carbon tax Bill introduced to Parliament

The Minister of Finance introduced the revised carbon tax Bill to Parliament, which takes into account feedback received in December 2017.

Ed’s Note: A market opportunity for mining and hydropower

Ironically growth in renewable energy development is providing mining with renewed vigour to keep its ranking as a prime economic driver in Africa.

ESI Insights #22: The story behind jobs

South Africa’s unemployment rate is skyrocketing and with calls to move away from fossil fuel generated power, the stakes for jobs are high.
global warming

Op-Ed: Is enough being done to preserve water?

Research by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warned that limiting global warming to 1.5°C will require fast, far-reaching and extraordinary changes. 
built environment

Built environment consumes 33% of global energy

The built environment globally is responsible for 33% of energy consumption and has an impact on the environment requiring a construction mind-shift.

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