Op-Ed: Eskom Board must put safeguards in place

The appointment of Eskom Chair, Jabu Mabuza, as interim CEO has provoked many questions, particularly from a governance point of view.

Op-Ed: Chatbots revolutionising telcos’ contact centres

The use of chatbots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will help address many of the biggest challenges that telcos currently face.

A smart theme is gradually unfolding for Africa’s utility sector to...

The digital divide is evident in Africa’s utilities, where embracing the smart meter revolution is yet to be fully realised for various reasons.

Ed’s Note: How to respond to a business in crisis

It is well-known that South Africa's state-owned power utility, Eskom, is operating in a financial and operational crisis bubble.
Climate change

Op-Ed: Climate change, a different point of view

Despite differences in the energy mix, climate change remains the elephant in the room, writes Rob Jeffrey, an independent economic risk consultant.
Electric Vehicle

Chasing the electric vehicle market dream

The short-range electric vehicle will continue to sell badly because of range and financial anxiety: their resale value after three years can be down 80%.

Six tips to save on electricity costs

Eaton provides six ways to follow in order to reduce energy consumption at home and contribute to national grid stability.

Op-Ed: Impacts of climate change in Vietnam

Vietnam, known for its beaches, rivers, and bustling cities, is considered among countries that are significantly impacted by global climate change.

Op-Ed: HBO’s Chernobyl documentary falls under scrutiny

A mini-series produced by HBO depicts the Chernobyl nuclear disaster of April 1986 and the unprecedented cleanup efforts that followed but is it accurate?
energy mix

Ed’s Note: ESI markets across the world have one thing in...

Do you believe that African countries are not keeping pace with the changing electricity supply industry dynamic? If not, there is cause for concern.

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