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ESI Poll: Will charges be brought against Koko?

Take the poll: Will charges be brought against Koko in terms of documents released by ABB showing that the former Eskom CEO arranged for kickbacks?
coal stockpiles

Op-Ed: SA energy sector told to ditch coal

Last year, Eskom released a staggering 205 Megatons of carbon emissions into the atmosphere through the use of coal in power generation.

ESI Insights #20: Battery storage holds the key to the energy...

Renewable energy has its place in the energy mix in terms of working towards a cleaner energy future but what of the battery storage challenge? 
Eskom crisis

Op-Ed: What caused the current Eskom crisis?

Everyone knows that the disastrous Medupi and Kusile projects, along with corruption in the coal procurement, caused the Eskom crisis, or is that true?
battery storage

Ed’s Note | Energy storage to unleash renewable energy

It is through battery innovation for energy storage that renewable energy will finally hold its own in the energy mix and deliver a cleaner energy future.

Op-Ed: Wind & solar are always ruinously expensive

An opinion piece by Andrew Kenny, a mechanical engineer qualified in nuclear physics, who discusses including wind and solar in South Africa's energy mix.

ESI Insights #19: The impact of smart water metering

As part of mitigating revenue losses– governments across the world have gone the smart way by deploying various smart water metering initiatives.

Op-ed: The practical problems of working women in working men’s clothing

By Vanessa Ronald, Senior Brand Manager at Sisi, BBF Safety Group South Africa is seeing an increase in female...

Corporates could decrease carbon footprint through Corporate PPAs

Despite the ongoing regulatory and policy uncertainty, Africa is starting to see a noticeable increase in PPAs, according to Baker McKenzie.

Ed’s Note | Can foreigners fix Eskom?

In efforts to achieve stability at Eskom, a Presidential Cabinet Committee has been formed and a team of foreign experts has been called in to help.

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