Poll results: Should gender still matter in the energy sector?

Poll: Considering the large numbers of women graduating from university and entering the job market, should gender in the sector still matter?

Ed’s Note: Setting the record straight on employment opportunities

Across the world, countries are observing a public holiday today. Whether you call it workers’ day, labour day or May Day this...
waste to power

Re-imagining waste-to-energy for micro-generation

What are the opportunities that waste can present as an alternative fuel source for energy in South Africa?
Eskom unbundling

Ed’s Note: Who will lead Eskom’s unbundling?

The task of heading up the unbundling of the Eskom process is mammoth and needs a squeaky clean reputation attached to it.

Electric vehicles are coming, is Africa ready?

WATCH this video to discover how the electric vehicle (EV) market is slowly making inroads, with a milestone of over 3.5...
climate change

5 Ways climate change affects young people

Deeply concerned about their future, how are the younger generations around the world who want to see more government action reacting to climate change?
digital skills

Ed’s Note: What is Africa’s energy revolution plan?

Africa's energy revolution landscape is struggling under a weight of murky governance, lack of funding, and operational stagnation.

Training women in developing countries to become solar engineers

Follow the journey of the Solar Mamas – women from developing countries who have been trained as solar engineers by Barefoot College International.

Poll Result: Will Nigeria’s meter rollout plan work?

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission has directed Meter Asset Providers to commence with rollout of meters no later than the 1st of May 2019.

Standardisation in the Microgrid Industry – Together We Are Stronger

In February this year, the African microgrid industry experienced a long awaited breakthrough. A group of industry leading practitioners, progressive donors, international think tanks and sector associations came together in Nairobi to lay the foundations of a framework to pool and share technical and financial microgrid data.

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