Improving access to water through tech

Russell Dick, Chief Executive Officer at utility Systems, highlights how the adoption of tech can improve access to water.
water security

Management solutions in the spotlight to ensure water security

Management solutions are being proposed in bids to ensure global water security and while promoting sustainable practices.
Eskom loadshedding

Ed’s Note | As darkness falls across the land…

Eskom Loadshedding is having a significant economic and social-psychological toll on South Africans, and everyone is looking for answers.
overcome loadshedding

ESI Poll: What to prioritise to overcome loadshedding?

ESI Poll: What should South Africa prioritise to overcome loadshedding? Tell us what you’d advise the Minister, Eskom, and the Presidency.

Options to consider to survive loadshedding

Loadshedding is becoming a daily reality in South Africa, and is not only affecting businesses and essential services, but households as well.
poll results

ESI Poll Results: Will charges be brought against Koko?

ESI poll results: Corruption allegations involving Eskom’s former acting CEO, Matshela Koko, and contracts for an international engineering firm, ABB.
energy projects

Op-ed: Insights into challenges surrounding energy projects in Africa

Land rights, political instability and corruption are among the challenges that delay the development of energy projects across Africa.
Ed's Note

Ed’s Note | Does corruption cause crisis – or does crisis...

Ed's Note: Political parties competing for voters’ attention will use the Eskom crisis as a tool without making any difference to the utility’s woes.
zero tolerance

Op-Ed: The truth about a zero tolerance policy

Businesses take different approaches to alcohol zero tolerance in the workplace, while the OHS Act dictates many of the rules that businesses implement.
gender parity

Ed’s Note | Balance for better through gender parity

Do you ignore (actively or passively) commentary around gender parity? Or do you make an effort to be part of the solution?

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