register your solar pv

Poll: Have you registered your solar PV system?

Take the vote and express your feelings on having to register your solar PV system in the City of Cape Town or face a fine.

Ed’s note: Industry experts must be vocal on the issues

Who were the industry experts that stood out for you at the annual African Utility Week and POWERGEN Africa conference in Cape Town?
Dave Nicholls

Op-Ed: A different view of accepted energy ‘facts’ in SA

In South Africa, one of the key national issues at present is the formulation of the national Integrated Resource Plan (IRP). Op-Ed by Dave Nicholls.
battery storage

Bushveld Minerals: A large-scale battery storage contender

Battery storage has centred around lithium-ion batteries yet there is a need for bigger batteries that are able to store much more energy.
power pools

Power pools enabling SSA’s transmission corridors

Is sub-Saharan Africa's power pools' role of enabling transmission corridors being effective and what are the funding gaps?
smart cities

Best practices to deliver smarter grid networks and smarter cities

The massive fire damage suffered by the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris got me thinking about the longevity of our infrastructure designs.

Energy expert Ted Blom: “Open the grid before Eskom finally collapses”

Exclusive interview with independent energy expert Ted Blom, who is part of a panel discussion on utility reform during the upcoming conference at African Utility Week and POWERGEN Africa in Cape Town.
smart city

The Big Question: The drivers behind smart city development

The Big Question: What policies, regulation and technologies are needed to drive the realisation of an African resilient, smart city?
energy month

Ed’s Note: It’s a busy month for the energy sector in...

The month of May is officially National Energy Month in South Africa. How apt that it overlaps with today’s national elections.

Poll result: Financing energy projects in Africa

Do you agree that financing energy projects in Africa can’t continue under the traditional business models? Take the poll and add your comment.

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