Zambia: Project bankability remains a challenge for solar market

The solar market is making headlines in this southern African country but project bankability continues to be an issue. ESI Africa conversed with senior associate,...
renewables market

How energy projects can secure funding in Africa

A lack of adequate funding and planning, and procrastination by utilities to adopt new business models are some of the factors hindering the growth...
Water sector. Prof Roland Schulze

Water sector Prof has climate change on his mind

A broad future lies ahead for the water sector, which has become an increasingly important commodity, says Prof Roland Schulze, winner of the 2018...

Defining the African solar landscape

Speaking to ESI Africa at African Utility Week, Takehiro Kawahara, Senior Associate, Bloomberg New Energy Finance, UK  shares expert insights regarding the current landscape...

Erongo RED collaborates with AUTC to boost ICT infrastructure

Namibia's electricity distribution company, Erongo RED, has established a working partnership with the Africa Utilities Technology Council (AUTC) to bolster their ICT infrastructure. Last month in an...
climate change

Climate change impacts African energy markets

African countries are some of the most affected by climate change yet they are not the biggest producers of greenhouse gas emissions. These were the...

When should you deploy smart metering technology?

The roll-out of smart metering projects is gaining momentum across African utilities. But real the question is, what your reasons as a power utility for deploying this technology?

Exclusive video interview with Allbro at African Utility Week 2018

On day 3 of African Utility Week we bring you an exclusive interview with Allbro
Ethiopian Electric Power

Utility maintenance, imperative to sustain a secure network

Speaking to ESI Africa, ABB's Goran Arvidsson and Mats Ryberg highlight the importance of maintenance in the power sector to ensure network availability, as well...
blended finance

How blended finance can change Africa’s development story

Finance is one of the challenges that keep project developers awake at night, but also government-led programmes. Last week, a lead specialist from the DBSA's...

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