About African Utility Week 2019

The 19th annual African Utility Week is the leading conference and trade exhibition for African power, energy and water professionals.

GreenCape: business case for EE getting stronger

Exclusive interview with Bruce Raw, Chief Strategy Officer at GreenCape and at the African Utility Week Future Cities conference in ...
South Africa

Ed’s Note | Has South Africa reached breaking point?

South Africa has become used to Eskom loadshedding but stage 4, implemented with little warning for citizens to prepare, has been met with anger.

Intelligent water infrastructure kept Day Zero at bay

Intelligent water infrastructure kept Day Zero at bay throug fast-tracking the use of these systems in the City of Cape Town, South Africa.

Nominations flooding in for African power, energy & water industry awards

Nominations flooding in for African Power, Energy & Water Industry Awards in Cape Town in May

Waste-to-power: Cape Town’s N1 City mall ahead of the curve

Lara van Druten Exclusive interview with Lara van Druten, CEO, The Waste Transformers in...

Utility and private off-grid player partnerships key for rapid energy access

Partnerships between utilities and private off-grid players key for rapid energy access across the continent says Chinedu Igbokwe of Daystar Power Group and AUW conference moderator.

Gas-to-power strategic for Africa’s energy future

GAS-TO-POWER INTERVIEW: “Africa is one of the main strategic markets for Ansaldo Energia, with 16,000 MW installed and six local offices."
industry experts

Industry experts to share the latest updates in Cape Town

African Utility Week returns to Cape Town in May with latest updates and success stories in power, energy and water.
gridless africa

Twitter chat between Gridless Africa & ESI Africa

Full transcript: Gridless Africa interviews ESI Africa's editor, Nicolette Pombo-van Zyl, to the trends and predictions for Africa's power and energy market in 2019.

Behavioural change management to optimise utilities

Exclusive interview with Jodie Sherwin Hill, Executive Director, Jomat Investments Pty (Ltd), and African Utility Week...

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