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Advertise with us


ESI Africa is the global leader in disseminating African utility and power market news to more than 50 countries and growing.

We provide over 50,000 professionals with renowned high quality and insightful editorial, equipping them with essential information to drive their own businesses.

By choosing ESI Africa as your medium for lead generation or market consolidation, you have the best route to market through our prized data. No one can equal the data that we have gathered over years of hard work and we provide six unique routes for you to access that data.

1. Print and digital magazine

We distribute more than 50,025 digital copies worldwide. We send more than 5,000 printed copies directly to the utilities and government ministers. In addition, we distribute to all delegates who attend three of Africa’s critical power events: African Utility Week, East African Power Industry Convention, West African Power Industry Convention. Publishing terms and conditions.

2. Online news portal

By taking a strategic advertisement on, you are ensuring that your presence in the power market is at a maximum. draws an average 18,129 users, 196,650 page views, spending an average of 3 minutes 51 seconds on the site.

3. Webinars

You create a presentation on a key area; we promote it heavily to our database, and they sign up to learn from you. Very simple, very powerful and great ROI.

4. HTML mailers

If you have a special promotion, if you are attending an event and want to maximise visitors, if you are launching into a new market – then sending a mailer to the ESI Africa database or a segmented portion of it, will yield the results you need.

5. E-newsletter

The ESI Africa e-newsletter is sent to 19,300 industry professionals daily and weekly and is accepted as a benchmark for receiving critical information.

6. Demand generation

Our value-added campaign packages are an ideal way to create demand around a specific topic or product. Custom-made packages can consist of a mixture of white papers, e-books, videos and technical brochures, promoted with a series of banners, mailers and write-ups in our daily and weekly e-newsletters.

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