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Maamba Collieries

Zambia: Maamba Collieries supplies full energy capacity amid winter

Maamba Collieries is working flat out to meet the nation’s peak season energy requirement with demand increasing in winter.
Odzani-Mini Hydroelectric

Zambia aiming for energy surplus

The AfDB has noted that Zambia's Itezhi-Tezhi Hydropower Dam, has increased the country's power generation capacity by 7.5%, supplying an extra 50,000 people with electricity.
alleviate loadshedding

Two solar PV projects to alleviate loadshedding in Zambia

A Spanish-Japanese renewable energy business group is set to invest more than $200 million in two solar power projects in Zambia to alleviate loadshedding.

Zambia teams up with US company for large-scale hybrid project

A Zambian energy solutions company will embark on a feasibility study for a 150MW wind, solar and energy storage hybrid power project in north of the country.
geothermal energy

Geothermal exploration underway in Zambia

Kalahari GeoEnergy announced the commencement of drilling slim wells at the Bweengwa River Geothermal Resource Area, in Zambia.

Zambia must use renewable natural resource to revive its economy

Zambia's economic growth is forecast to weaken to 2.5% in 2019, unless the country take advantage of its renewable natural resource to revive its economy.

PayGo Solar Satellite TV in Zambia, launched

Azuri Technologies has officially launched its 24-inch solar satellite television and home lighting system in Zambia at the British High Commission in Lusaka.

Zambia: 34MW Ngonye solar PV plant comes online

The 34MW Ngonye solar PV plant, which is located in Lusaka South Multi-Facility Economic Zone in the country’s south, has commenced operations.
generation licence

GET FiT Zambia awards 120MW(AC) in a solar PV tender

GET FiT Zambia announced the award of six solar PV IPP projects, totalling 120MW(AC). The lowest successful bid came in at $3.999c per kWh.
Mini grids

Mini-grid project to provide electricity to a Zambian village

ENGIE has inaugurated its mini-grid project in the Zambian village of Chitandika benefiting about 1500 inhabitants who had no access to electricity.

Zambia: ZESCO invites bidders to build two substations

ZESCO hereby invites sealed bids from eligible bidders for the procurement of two substations and associated switching stations,etc in four lots.
Kikagati hydropower

GET FiT Zambia invites bids for small hydro tender

In collaboration with the Ministry of Energy and other Zambian government stakeholders, GET FiT Zambia is actively creating the framework for Round 2 of...

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