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Wind turbine market sets new supply record

Wind turbine manufacturers realised remarkable growth in 2019, with 22,893 wind turbines were installed globally, states Supply Side Analysis 2019 report.
Lake Turkana Wind Farm

Kenya scores on wind energy front with help from AfDB

Africa’s largest wind farm is a €620 million energy masterpiece boasting 365 turbines in northern Kenya, and is expected to reduce power shortages by 12.5%.

Kangnas Wind Farm celebrates two major construction milestones

The Kangnas Wind Farm is celebrating the simultaneous completion of two major construction milestones, the erection of the first of its 61 wind turbines and completion of its final turbine foundation.
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Senegal takes delivery of wind turbines for its first large-scale wind...

Vestas wind turbines and components arrived at Port Autonome de Dakar for West Africa's first large-scale wind farm, Parc Eolien Taiba N’Diaye in Senegal.

KenGen tender for the provision of services at wind farm

KenGen has issued tender invitation for the supply, installation and commissioning of 'Climb Assist1 for Ngong Wind Turbines.
floating wind power

Global wind turbines market value estimated at $47.83bn in 2022

The global wind turbines market value is estimated to be $47.83bn in 2022, up from $44.75bn in 2017, largely driven by onshore deployment, according to GlobalData.
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Lake Turkana Wind Farm connects to grid

The Lake Turkana wind farm has evacuated power on 12 October, which saw 175 turbines being commissioned.

Lake Turkana wind project gets ADF partial risk guarantee

[img:Kenya%20pw_0.jpg| ]7 October 2013 - Lake Turkana, which could become Africa’s biggest wind power project, involves the development of a 300 MW wind farm comprising 365 wind turbines of 850 kW capacity each. This project has just seen the African Development Bank (AfDB) approve the Lake Turkana transmission line delay partial risk guarantee for US$27.2 million, the first of the African Development Fund’s partial risk guarantees (ADF PRG). The ADF PRG is a risk mitigation instrument that covers private lenders and investors against the risk of a possible government failure to meet contractual obligations to a project.

Rural development through wind power generation

[img:Ruralw.thumbnail.jpg| ]3 October 2013 - Renewables offer potential in terms of local economic growth in South Africa according to juwi-expert Zirk Botha who participated in a panel discussion concerning community upliftment at Windaba held in Cape Town during September 2013.

While the price for fossil-fuel derived electricity will increase even further, due to high demand and shrinking natural resources, the price for green electricity from wind and solar farms has continuously decreased in the recent past, making renewables a serious competitor for market share. Wind power has already reached the so-called grid parity in South Africa.  This means that electricity from wind and coal will be fed into the public grid at the same cost. In the near future, renewables, especially wind power, is poised to replace fossil fuels completely as the costs for wind turbines and solar panels will continue to decrease.

Erection of turbines at Jeffreys Bay wind farm begun

[img:bade%201_0.jpg| ]9 September 2013 - The 138 MW Jeffreys Bay wind farm project, one of the largest wind farms under construction in South Africa, has begun erecting sixty wind turbines. With two specialist cranes, working simultaneously, it takes about two to three days, weather dependent, to construct a single turbine.

The wind turbines are 80 m tall to allow for optimum energy production, however, when the one of the blades stand vertically, the turbine’s tip height is 132 m. The heaviest component is the nacelle, which contains the generator and gearbox; and weighs 86 tonnes. The three 49 m blades, made from fibreglass reinforced epoxy, are connected to the rotor at ground level before being hoisted to the top of the turbine.  This is a complicated lifting exercise, in which the crane raises the assembled rotor whilst the smaller crane guides the rotor into the correct position.

Wind turbines on their way to Jeffreys Bay

[img:RuiNing9208_0.jpg| ]22 July 2013 - On the 22nd of July 2013 began transport of wind tubines from the port of Ngqura to the Jeffreys Bay wind farm. This marks a milestone in the construction of one the largest wind farms in South Africa’s renewable energy integrated power producer programme (REIPPP) to date.

The first shipments of components will be transported from the Port of Ngqura to the site, situated between Jeffreys Bay and Humansdorp. Once on site the components will be offloaded beside the wind turbine foundation. Two cranes will be used to erect the turbines and it is estimated that two wind turbines will be erected each week. Final commissioning of the turbines will take place following connection of the electrical works.

Adama wind farm in Ethiopia begins construction

[img:Green%20-%20Pic%201_0.jpg| ]9 July 2013 - The Adama wind project made further progress recently with it having awarded Chinese wind turbine maker Sany a contract to supply a hundred-and-two 1.5 MW turbines in a contract worth US$95 million.

According to Sany Heavy Industry president Xiang Wenbo, it is China's largest single wind turbine export deal. The Adama wind farm, an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) project constructed built Chinese government preferential loans, was planned to begin construction in June and is expected to enter operation in 2014.

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