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China: Subsidy phase-out to impact wind energy capacity

China is expected to install large amounts of wind energy capacity before the country phases out its subsidies on renewables projects by the end of 2020.
offshore wind prospects

What are the long-term prospects for offshore wind?

The offshore wind industry envisions an installation of 1,400GW of offshore wind by 2050 to drive decarbonisation and a green economy. Is this achievable?
Ghana wind plans

Wind plans for Ghana gaining momentum

Swiss engineering company NEK has announced its plans to generate 1,000MW of electricity from several wind farms in Ghana.
hydrogen offshore wind

New task force to drive global floating offshore wind growth

The Global Wind Energy Council announced the formation of a Floating Offshore Wind Task Force to drive the global growth of floating offshore wind.
wind farms

138MW of onshore wind farms to bolster India’s energy supply

Climate Fund Managers and AMPYR Energy have partnered to develop, construct and operate 138MW of onshore wind farms in India.

Green hydrogen ideal for energy-intensive users, says wind industry

The economic and energy benefits of green hydrogen, is one of the many prospects discussed during the recent South African Wind Energy Association’s webinar.

South Africa: Wind power industry ready to contribute to ‘green’ COVID-19...

What is the role of wind power in South Africa’s Economic Recovery, post-COVID-19? This question was a point of discussion in the...
Wind Farm

South Africa: Wind farm receives locally manufactured transformer

Perdekraal East Wind Farm has received a 500MVA mega transformer that was locally manufactured in South Africa, meeting the local content requirements.
Sidi Mansour

Tunisia’s Sidi Mansour wind farm to deliver proof of concept

An agreement has recently been signed between Climate Fund Managers and UPC Renewables for the financing of the 30MW Sidi Mansour wind project in Tunisia.
Sidi Mansour

Analysis: Wind industry vying to become partner for global economic recovery

Wind industry stakeholders led by the Global Wind Energy Council has signed a statement, indicating readiness to make a contribution to economic recovery.
hydrogen offshore wind

OREAC: 1,400GW of offshore wind is viable by 2050

The Ocean Renewable Energy Action Coalition has announced its vision for 1,400GW of offshore wind globally by 2050 to drive decarbonisation.

Investec backs wind and solar expansion plans

Specialist bank Investec has assisted Pele Green Energy to raise sufficient funds to expand its wind and solar portfolio.

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