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electrick motorbike Ampersand

Rwanda: electric motorbike company secures $3.5 million investment

Electric motorbike company Ampersand Rwanda has secured a $3.5 million investment, the largest ever venture capital fund investment, from Ecosystem Integrity Fund (EIF) into sub-Saharan Africa.

Commentary: ESG integration aids in investment analysis and decisions

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) is no magic wand but it is a key part of the analytical toolkit for investors and companies writes Wai-Shin Chan, co-head of ESG research at HSBC.
water stewardship

Coca-Cola prioritises water stewardship efforts in South Africa

Since the beginning of 2021, Coca-Cola Peninsula Beverages has been working with local municipalities in water-stressed regions, leading relief water operations to assist communities.
water resources

Water sector needs action and regulation to overcome looming crisis

Urgent action needs to be taken across the water, wastewater and waste management sectors in South Africa if the looming water crisis is to be diverted, say industry experts.

Sub-Saharan Africa’s economic recovery hinges on reform for jobs

Sub-Saharan economic growth is estimated to have contracted by 2% and prospects for recovery are strengthening amid action to contain new pandemic waves and speed up vaccine rollouts, according to the World Bank’s biannual economic analysis for the region.
Wind farm birds

Local wind farm pioneers system to protect birds in South Africa

BioTherm Energy’s Excelsior Wind farm is collaborating with conservation organisations to minimise the wind industry’s impact on local bird populations.
fairer healthier world

Ed’s note: Building a fairer, healthier world for everyone through coal?

What are your choices to deliver on a fairer and healthier world when your economy is powered by the coal mining industry and coal-fired power plants?
USEA Uganda

USEA sways Uganda’s energy mix with diversification strategy

The United States Energy Association (USEA) advises that developing an Integrated Resource Plan will increase consistency across planning activities, reduce inefficiencies, and promote transmission and generation expansion in Uganda.
Ghana re-examines gas supply agreement with Cenpower

Natural gas seen as a vector of energy transformation

The Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) is supporting the EU's intention to consider gas as a sustainable source of energy under the new green labelling system.
climate bonds

Climate bonds: Finance now open for hydropower under new criteria

New criteria has made it possible for certification of hydropower climate bonds, which are formally available for issuers of green debt products across all markets.
large consumer groups

Large consumer groups key to municipalities becoming successful

Given that municipalities should essentially operate like any business that sells services and products, attracting new business, while stemming the exodus of existing business, should be one of the main goals that municipalities pursue.
bid window 5

Investment into Bid Window 5 is lined up and raring to...

According to a virtual discussion hosted by the SA Chamber of Commerce around Bid Window 5 of the REIPPP programme, investing in energy projects in South Africa and Africa is a sound proposition.

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