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Nigeria minigrid

Nigeria: Innovative financing and minigrids connecting thousands

CrossBoundary’s project financing structure has enabled PowerGen to develop a portfolio of 28 distributed renewable energy systems and secure $9m in construction financing from Oikocredit, Triodos Investment Management, and EDFI ElectriFI.

New hydropower project for Gabon backed by AfDB

The African Development Bank has approved a $46,17 million (€39 million) loan package for Gabon to construct the 34,1MW Kinguélé Aval hydroelectric project.
smart village competition

Competition: IEEE smart village next-gen student paper 2021

High school, undergraduate and postgraduate students are invited to send their smart village papers on the topic of Water-Energy-Food Nexus in Africa - Technology, Applications, Benefits and Challenges. Deadline 23 July 2021.
Kipeto wind farm

Grid-tied Kipeto wind farm reaches commercial operation in Kenya

The 60 turbines at the Kipeto wind farm have reached commercial operation and are now producing power to the national grid making the project Kenya's second-largest wind plant.
renewable energy investment

Op-ed: Final frontier for renewable energy market investment

According to a US Power Africa fact sheet, the Democratic Republic of Congo, a country of over 85 million people, has a “national electricity access rate of just 9%, with 1% in rural areas and 19% in urban areas”.
nominations elites

Ed’s note: What you need to know to submit your nominations...

The 2022 edition of African Power & Energy Elites has opened for nominations but note that we are taking a bold step in line with market developments.

Ed’s note: A splurge of funding for Africa, what is it...

Are you willing to take a guess as to the amount of funding allocated to Africa's power and energy market in the last 24 months?

AfDB approves grant to kick start Desert to Power programme in...

The African Development Bank, through its Desert to Power initiative and a $6 million grant, is expected to transform the Sahel by tapping into the region’s abundant solar potential.
Kenya Rural Village Energy Solutions

Exploring multi-sectoral uses of minigrid power for all in Kenya

InfraCo Africa and Rural Village Energy Solutions are committing $8 million to support scale up of Kudura Power East Africa that includes pilot delivery of street lighting and water pumping.
Mobile solar energy storage

Mobile solar energy storage unit developer gets a $1.4 million grant

Battery and energy storage firm, AceOn has been awarded a $1.4 million grant from the Innovate UK Energy Catalyst 8 Fund to accelerate development work on its mobile solar energy storage unit.
Nozi Mbovane

NOZI MBOVANE: A junior engineer’s industry perspective

Working across eight renewable energy projects as a junior power engineer at Globeleq South Africa, Nozi Mobovane's role includes mastering engineering skills for both solar and wind technology.

Partner opportunities: African Power & Energy Elites 2022

The projects and leaders highlighted in The African Power & Energy Elites will be indispensable reading for Africa’s power and energy sector decision-makers seeking...

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