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SA taxpayers exposed to nuclear waste disposal and decommissioning liabilities

The NRWDI in South Africa confirmed that "not one Rand has been put into the proposed [nuclear waste disposal] fund..." writes Chris Yelland.
Commentary: Koeberg safety claims over containment buildings

Commentary: Safety claims over nuclear containment buildings

The outer walls of concrete at Koeberg are the last line of defence in case a major nuclear accident were to take place inside the buildings, writes nuclear physicist Dr Kelvin Kemm.
Koeberg Unit 2

Koeberg containment buildings can withstand any accident – Eskom

Eskom says the containment buildings at Koeberg nuclear power station are capable of withstanding the most severe accident.
extend koeberg plant life

Koeberg Nuclear Power Station containment buildings suffer damage

40 years of exposure to sea air at Koeberg Nuclear Power Station has damaged the concrete of the containment buildings.
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Op-ed: Make your voice heard about new nuclear power in South...

"...a new nuclear procurement cannot prevent the current electricity crisis from becoming a catastrophe in the course of the next decade," states Chris Yelland.
Nuclear power south africa

Nuclear power: A sensible and sustainable option for Africa

The decision to adopt nuclear power in South Africa was made as a result of sound strategic planning. It has turned out to have been a very good decision, writes Dr Kelvin Kemm and Knox Msebenzi.
Molten salt reactors poised to boost the nuclear energy sector

Molten salt reactors poised to boost the nuclear energy sector

Molten salt reactors could be a major contributor to the nuclear energy sector, according to Research Assistant Professor of Nuclear Engineering Ondrej Chvala.
Report: World’s uranium resources enough for the foreseeable future

Report: World’s uranium resources enough for the foreseeable future

Sufficient uranium resources exist to support the long-term, sustainable use of nuclear energy for low-carbon electricity generation, says a new joint report by the OECD NEA and the IAEA.

Necsa gets a new group CEO

The South African Nuclear Energy Corporation (Necsa) has confirmed that Cabinet has ratified the appointment of Loyiso Tyabashe as its new Group Chief Executive Officer.
extend koeberg plant life

Decision to extend Koeberg’s plant life was a “no-brainer”

It is also a key part of the project to ensure that Koeberg complies with the National Nuclear Regulator (NNR) requirements for life extension.
nuclear power public perception

Op-ed: Nuclear power must challenge public perception

Nuclear power, challenged by negative public perception, is by far the best way to tackle our energy crisis and is our most affordable option for new electricity.
Koeberg Unit 2

NERSA takes action on new nuclear power procurement

NERSA consultation paper states that the DMRE will be responsible for procuring South Africa's new nuclear build. Have your say before 5 February 2021.

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