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Power market in Nigeria draw attention to renewables under-investment

The team lead for SUNREF Nigeria, Javier Betancourt, explained that the renewable sector has so far remained forgotten by financiers but becoming a more important subject matter, saying that this is why banks are becoming more involved in the sector.

Gains and shortfalls: Nigeria’s metering sector shows promise

The general manager for Conlog in Nigeria, Elungile Mzimba, and two utility representatives talk about the state of metering in the country.

JinkoSolar lighting Nigeria with its solar PV solution

JinkoSolar provides high efficient and reliable solar modules to the Lighting Africa programme launched by the World Bank Group for Nigeria.  The modules will be...

Subsea power interconnection cable to link Egypt and Greece

In an effort to extend Egypt's energy reach, an agreement on the electricity interconnection between Greece and the North African country was signed in Athens.

Engineering market entrant eyes Africa’s energy, water, telecoms

All infrastructure is ultimately related, as water, energy and telecommunications are essential for growth, says Dr Frank Igboamalu, CEO of the newly established OEG.

IRENA sees more jobs generated from energy transition than lost

The Renewable Energy and Jobs Annual review 2021, predicts the energy transition will see 25 million new green jobs created by 2030, surpassing the seven million lost due to the pandemic.

Is gas right answer to Africa’s baseload power search?

A recent report into fossil fuel extraction pointed out the industry plans to sink $230 billion into developing new gas and oil projects in Africa across the next decade. And, that figure ramps up to $1,4trillion by 2050.

Resilience the key to successful independent power projects in Nigeria

Three major and interconnected challenges exist for IPP projects, namely the fragile T&D infrastructure, the ambitious yet incomplete energy reforms, and securing access to long-term international project financing. 

André de Ruyter to give exclusive Eskom update on 26 October

De Ruyter will address the role that Eskom is expected to play in what many feel should be a ‘just energy transition,’ considering, in particular, how the coal industry will be affected.

Coal power plant plans remain in five countries’ energy mix

Five African countries, Botswana, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa and Zimbabwe are forging ahead with their coal plant plants despite the global ‘no new coal’ agenda.

Company to invest in LPG to boost African energy transition

The Sahara Group will invest over $1 billion to enhance access to liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in Africa and emerging economies in a bid to boost the energy transition on the continent.

$65 million extended to Nigerian electricity sector from the EU and GIZ

The Nigerian electricity sector through its Nigerian Energy Support Programme (NESP) will receive a $65 million investment from the European Union in collaboration with Germany’s Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ).