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Webinar recording: Decarbonisation: Making a net zero economy possible

Download this webinar recording to explore ways to achieving a net zero economy, with a focus on carbon-heavy industries that are key to achieving this goal.

Race to Zero: Rolls-Royce joins the net-zero carbon by 2050 ambition

In the run-up to COP26, Rolls-Royce joined the UN Race to Zero, which will see the company become net-zero carbon in its operations by 2030.
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Mark Carney to lead the transition to a net-zero carbon economy

The UN appointed Bank of England governor Mark Carney as Special Envoy for Climate Action and Finance to lead the transition to a net-zero carbon economy.

63 signatories added to the Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment

The World Green Building Council announced that 63 signatories have now added their names to the Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment.

SA’s Cabinet endorses carbon capture plan

[img:CO2_0.jpg| ]11 May 2012 - On Friday 4th of May, South Africa’s Cabinet approved a carbon capture and storage (CSS) roadmap for the storage of carbon dioxide (CO2) in deep geological formations. CCS has been identified in the South African government’s long-term mitigation scenarios plan as one of the options to reduce CO2, which is associated with global warming.

The country’s minister for performance monitoring and evaluation, Collins Chabane said the country had voluntarily committed to reduce CO2 emissions by 34% in 2020, and by 45% in 2025, on condition that the requisite technological and financial support was provided.

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