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Zimbabwe exploring new power supply deals with neighbouring countries

Zimbabwe has been plagued with recent electricity troubles and in a bid to increase supply the country is in negotiations with Zambia and Mozambique. If agreed upon, the country will import an additional 280MW from the two countries.  

Investment in clean energy crucial to fight against climate change

Urgent action to accelerate investment in clean energy for developing countries is needed from global leaders assembling at COP26 to ensure a just energy transition.

ZESA explores alternative power sources due to ‘no new coal’ agenda

The Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) is exploring alternative power sources in response to the call to move away from coal-fuelled power plants under the global “no new coal” agenda.

SA SMMEs explore opportunities in European Green Deal

Research into the resilience of SMMEs has highlighted global opportunities for South African businesses which apply green principles to their work processes and products.

Coal power plant plans remain in five countries’ energy mix

Five African countries, Botswana, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa and Zimbabwe are forging ahead with their coal plant plants despite the global ‘no new coal’ agenda.

Three young innovators awarded for their green energy projects

Africa's talent delivers cold storage to prevent post-harvest losses, a start-up for the design and production of light electric tricycles and a 100% solar-powered food vending cart.

New PV connectors specific for harsh environmental conditions

Operating electrical installations at temperatures over 70°C or at altitudes higher than 6,500 feet make for different requirements for standard installations because of the harsh environmental conditions.

Off-grid energy access regulation approved by Mozambican government

Mozambique joins its neighbouring countries by putting in place the Regulation for Off-Grid Energy Access, which will provide greater clarity for all stakeholders in the sector.

Financing coal power projects in sub-Saharan Africa goes against net-zero goals

Research highlights that pockets of funders continue to finance additional coal-fired generation capacity in South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. $42 billion was committed to grid-connected coal power plants between 2013-2019 in the 18 countries studied.

USTDA Global Procurement Initiative welcomes Kenya

Through the Global Procurement Initiative, USTDA will train public procurement officials to obtain the greatest value for money for Kenya’s public infrastructure investments.

Hydrogen is a gas like any other, just with a greener potential

While the commercial production of indigenous gas depends on the probability of it being discovered and exploited, the commercial production of hydrogen depends on certainty of decisions to exploit South Africa’s solar and wind resources.

Will $100bn green finance annually for emerging economies happen?

Martijn Proos, director of Ninety One, managers of Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund, writes on project finance for infrastructure in emerging economies being one of the central issues of the upcoming COP26 agenda.