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Renewable energy as a service is a growing market

A new report predicts that the Middle East & Africa renewable energy-as-a-service market will reach $1805.91 million of revenue by 2028.

Funding students to decrease employment and skills gap

Started around the idea that access to education should not be dependent on access to money, crowdfunding platform Feenix is quietly making a difference to South Africa’s students by making the right connections.

92,000 jobs potentially at stake because of the energy transition

Climate change labour experts have highlighted the impact that the just-transition could have on workers employed in the coal industry. Anna Majavu writes on how moving to a low-carbon economy could negatively impact South African workers as unions weaken and renewable energy components continue to be imported at the expense of local jobs.

How to expedite geothermal in the Rift

Building on an analysis of experiences from Comoros, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia, it is possible to draw lessons and recommendations to accelerate the deployment of geothermal energy for electricity generation and direct use.

New partnership will accelerate RE in small island developing states

According to an IRENA analysis on the first round of NDCs conducted in 2019, around $16 billion of financing is needed by 2030 to achieve their respective targets in small island developing states.

Is nuclear relevant to an African power build programme?

Tim Yeo, chairman of the New Nuclear Watch Institute, unpacks the relevance of nuclear power build to an African country’s energy infrastructure plan.

New global finance platform will accelerate renewable energy access

The United Arab Emirates and IRENA announced a new global finance platform to accelerate the transition to RE in developing countries.

Mapping every large solar plant on the planet

since 2010 has given the world a fighting chance to build a zero-emissions energy system which might be less costly than the fossil-fuelled system it replaces.

Energy transition through the lens of Africa

Fossil-fuel-based sources have long dominated energy sector, including in Africa where air pollution is worsened by the burning of bushes for firewood and so on.  

Wind farms, bureaucracy and the challenge to speedy installation

The World Wind Energy Association says installing wind farms takes a very long time because of bureaucratic hold ups.

Regulatory Energy Transition Accelerator launched at COP26

The IEA has launched the Regulatory Energy Transition Accelerator (RETA) to accelerate and improve the regulatory capacity necessary to decarbonise energy systems.

Amazon’s first wheeling agreement in SA for renewable energy

Amazon Web Services’ first 10MW grid connected solar PV plant in South Africa is adding renewable energy to the country's energy mix.