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IFC invests $200m in a gender bond to empower women-owned SMEs

IFC announced an investment of up to $200 million in a gender bond that will be managed by an Indonesian Bank, OCBC NISP, to empower women-owned SMEs.
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Glance into the lives of people living with energy poverty

The impact of energy poverty on health, economic and social wellbeing is far more severe for people living in India, Indonesia, Peru and Kenya.

East Indonesia sees 90MW of additional power come online

Three power plants have successfully been commissioned in the east of Indonesia with a combined capacity of 90MW.
coal production

India leading global coal production capacity

India, Indonesia and other countries are predicted to generate modest annual growth of 1.3% in coal production over the next four years.

Success for SA companies in Indonesian power sector

[img:Paiton_0.jpg|Paiton Power
Station Exterior]25 July 2013 - Rope access specialist Skyriders and plant care engineering consulting group Carab Tekniva successfully completed the inspection of a 210 m high smoke stack and various boiler pressure components at the Paiton power station in Indonesia.

The two South African-based companies have undertaken inspection and maintenance work at the Paiton power station through a joint partnership since 2004, and recently completed the latest project on the smoke stack and the 700 MW Unit 7 boiler within ten days in May 2013.

LNG supplies could tighten as new African capacity awaited

[img:Money1.thumbnail.JPG| ]13 February 2013 - The potential for tighter liquefied natural gas (LNG) supplies will be a major theme in the months to come according to New York based PIRA Energy Group, as the market waits on Angola and Algeria to fire up new production capacity. Existing suppliers in Egypt and Indonesia will also see availability continue to dwindle.

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Off-grid lighting in Africa

[img:SolarLi_0.jpg| ]16 January 2013 - The Total group is offering off-grid lighting in an initiative that includes solar and dynamo-charged lighting. This programme is being implemented in Kenya, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Senegal, with plans to start soon in Ethiopia, Nigeria, and Uganda.

Total aims to sell one million good quality solar lanterns to low income households by 2015. During 2012 a pilot programme began in Cameroon, Kenya, and Indonesia with the aim of helping underprivileged population gain access to lighting and communication. Total plans to leverage itspetrol service station network in Africa and create local distribution channels by training local buyers.

Emerging countries set for renewable energy explosion by 2020

[img:Report%20d_0.jpg| ]15 January 2013 - Driven primarily by the rapidly expanding economies of China and India, renewable energy in emerging countries is expected to increase dramatically by the end of the decade, says business intelligence provider GlobalData. According to the company’s latest report, India, Mexico, China, South Africa, Russia, Brazil and Indonesia will more than triple their combined renewable energy installed capacity in the near future, from an estimated 127 GW in 2012 to 403 GW by 2020, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.1%.

Indonesia Customers Visited PONOVO

During 12th-14th September, the electric engineers from Jakarta Branch of the Indonesian Electricity Company visited PONOVO accompanied by PONOVO agent and the engineers. The customers visited both the factory base in Chongqing and headquarter in Beijing.

PONOVO holds training in Singapore and Indonesia

20th - 29th June, the engineers from PONOVO gave training and demonstration in Singapore and Indonesia for one week.

In Singapore, the engineers went to Rotary Switchgear company and gave training on POM2 here.

South Africa loses pre-payment metering lead

[img:Nur-Pamudji_sml_0.jpg|Nur Pamudji,
President Director,
PLN]15 May 2012 - The Jakarta Post reports that Indonesian state power utility Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN) has five million pre-paid customers on its books, the largest number of any power company in the world.

Clean Power Asia to share cleaner and renewable energy success stories...

The upcoming Clean Power Asia conference and exhibition, taking place in Bali, Indonesia from 14-16 May, is to provide some exciting updates on the region’s progress in adopting solar and other renewable and cleaner energy technology.

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