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Use of FR3 natural ester fluid boosts power transformers

Cargill announced its continued investment in supply of FR3 natural ester fluids for electricity transformer applications in the power industry.

Eskom to resume work on failed transformers

South African power utility Eskom, has announced they are ready to resume with operations to replace failed transformers in Ivory Park, Johannesburg, due to illegal connections and meter bypasses resulting in network overloading.

Eskom teams up with police to restore electricity supply in Gauteng

The Gauteng Provincial Government will work with Eskom to deal with the problems of ongoing disruptions in the supply of electricity in the province.
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No power for repeat offenders, states Eskom

South Africa parastatal Eskom has announced an increasing number of repeated equipment failures in some areas, especially within Gauteng.

Investments bring efficient water supply to Liberian communities

World Bank's fiancing will increase access to piped water supply services in Monrovia and surrounding areas, and improve the operational efficiency of LWSC.
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Perspective on non-technical losses from Enel Foundation

The distribution of electricity implies a certain amount of loss of power that could be classified into technical and non-technical losses (NTL), with the latter...

A fresh approach to South Africa’s power challenge

Seydou Kane, MD at Eaton Africa discusses how SA's government can balance its political role with practical, long-term solutions for the ailing utility.

Knowledge Hub: Transmission and Distribution

Day 1: Tuesday 14 May Grid Management Facilitator: Gil Alberto Vilanculo, Head of Renewable energy on grid...
rotational loadshedding

Eskom clamps down on criminal activity

Eskom has focused efforts on the removal of illegal connections, conducting meter audits, repairing faulty or tampered meters and, of critical importance,...

Transformer vandals to serve 18 years

On Friday, two suspects found guilty of vandalising assets belonging to Kenya's state-owned power utility Kenya Power were sentenced to a combined...

Ghana could benefit from a third Power Compact

The CEO of MiDA, Martin Eson-Benjamin announced that Ghana has been nominated for a third Power Compact under the Millennium Challenge Account.

Kenya Power: vandal receives 10-year prison sentence

In Kenya, a Nanyuki court has sentenced a suspect to 10 years in prison or a fine of KShs.5 million for vandalism.

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