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Is it possible to climate-proof East Africa’s hydropower sector?

Africa is projected to experience increasing climate hazards for the remainder of the 21st century – so how is hydropower generation going to be affected and how can it enhance the continent’s resilience to climate change?

Tanzania plans to construct hydropower plants and transmission lines

TANESCO has awarded Multiconsult consultancy contracts for the 222MW Rumakali and 358MW Ruhudji Hydropower and transmission lines projects in Tanzania.
Ruzizi IV Hydropower Project

Studies are underway for two hydropower projects in Burundi

Tembo Power is partnering with WK Construction to conduct detailed studies for the development phase of the 7.5MW Dama and 12MW Siguvyaye run-of-river hydropower projects located in Burundi.
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Applications for Women in Hydropower Mentorship closes in August

The Women in Hydropower Mentorship Programme is now accepting applications for the 2020/2021 year. Applications close on 3 August 2020.
Grand Inga

Ed’s note: Africa’s grand hydropower scheme enters a ‘Dragon’s Den’

The latest news on the world’s largest hydropower scheme is that the DRC is determined to move ahead with the Grand Inga project.
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Hydropower CEOs discuss sustainable recovery with the IEA

Eleven CEOs agree that economic stimulus packages involving investment in sustainable hydro and other renewables are essential to Covid-19 recovery efforts.
Musanze hydropower plant

Increase climate resilience of African hydropower – IEA

With Africa projected to experience increasing climate hazards for the remainder of the 21st century, and hydropower generation needed to enhance the continent’s...

Singrobo hydropower project to deliver electricity under a 35-year PPA

Power company Themis Group announced it has issued a Full Notice to Proceed with construction of the 44MW Singrobo Hydropower Project, in Ivory Coast.

Madagascar: Sahofika hydropower BOOT scheme to get 4 million Euro loan

The Sahofika hydropower project entails the construction of a 205MW hydroelectric power plant on a Build-Own-Operate-Transfer basis.
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Hydropower associations unite on a post-COVID-19 recovery pathway

As the single largest source of renewable electricity, 16 hydropower associations have set out guiding principles for energy infrastructure policy recovery.
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Eight O&M steps to extend the longevity of hydropower plants

This article outlines the best O&M strategies that can be applied to maintain the longevity of hydropower plants through a step-by-step approach.
Ruzizi IV Hydropower Project

Can seasonal pumped hydropower storage fulfil energy and H2O needs?

Does energy storage in the form of pumped hydropower storage (PHS) have the potential to achieve the Paris Agreement goals?

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