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ZESA explores alternative power sources due to ‘no new coal’ agenda

The Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) is exploring alternative power sources in response to the call to move away from coal-fuelled power plants under the global “no new coal” agenda.

Is gas right answer to Africa’s baseload power search?

A recent report into fossil fuel extraction pointed out the industry plans to sink $230 billion into developing new gas and oil projects in Africa across the next decade. And, that figure ramps up to $1,4trillion by 2050.

South Africa’s position on just transition crucial to COP26 talks

With COP26 mere weeks away, all participating countries need to align their positions with the Paris Agreement. South Africa’s commitment to the just transition will be a crucial element of its negotiating position.

Coal power plant plans remain in five countries’ energy mix

Five African countries, Botswana, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa and Zimbabwe are forging ahead with their coal plant plants despite the global ‘no new coal’ agenda.

Africa key to ending use of polluting fuels in the home

The majority of Africa's and most of the world’s rural population rely on polluting fuels for their cooking energy needs.

Ed’s note: Challenging COP26 to finance unlikely climate action

In the Pre-COP26 Chairs’ Summary last week, Ministers reaffirmed the critical importance of meeting the $100bn per year climate finance goal.

Tighten the Environmental, Social and Governance focus or face litigation

Litigation on Environmental, Social and Governance matters is rising in volume, both globally and domestically, but there are various steps that companies can take to mitigate the risks.

Coal exit list: Who drives the climate chaos?

Three weeks before the start of the UN Climate Summit in Glasgow, Urgewald and 40 partner NGOs have released the 2021 update of the Global Coal Exit List (GCEL).

What do Africa’s energy systems want and need out of COP26?

As the world readies itself for COP26 in November, countries in Africa are walking a fine line between confronting market challenges and regulatory issues while acknowledging climate change is influencing our energy sectors.

Eskom named planet’s largest emitter

Eskom is now the world's most polluting company, according to a new study released by the Center for Research on Energy and Clean Air (CREA).

Global wind energy market to surge by 2027

A new research report released by Emergen Research has found that the global wind energy market will be worth $167.15 billion by 2027.

Investing in young talent will secure future of the green economy

The GreenMatter Fellowship, which nurtures talented young high-performing academics in the environmental field, believes that if corporates in South Africa would invest in young talent, there would be a significantly brighter future for the green economy in the country.