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Do mini-grids have the capacity to build electricity load growth?

Matthew Matimbwi, Executive Secretary of TAREA says too little is being done to grow the demand side of mini-grids to influence consumer behaviour.

Elevating hydropower to meet generation demand

The International Hydropower Association anticipates Africa’s hydropower installed capacity to grow by about 4,700MW over the next two to three years.

Gas Megahub project to ease cross-border link projects with neighbours

Equatorial Guinea’s Gas Megahub project aims to develop several offshore gas hubs and monetise neighbouring gas reserves.
CEO Forum

A matter of trust, when Utility CEOs meet

African Utility Week's side event titled Utility CEO Forums has evolved into a year-round exclusive network of African Utility CEOs within the power sector.
rewewable energy projects

IRENA ease investments and renewable energy projects in Africa

IRENA is increasing it's on-ground impact with 15 regional and sub-regional platforms which aim at scaling up renewable energy projects and investments.

Progress at three projects in Cameroon reduce power cuts

Power plant projects financed by the AfDB for $121.4 million in 2010-2011 are starting to provide Cameroon with reliable hydroelectric and thermal capacity.

Africa losing billions on inefficient energy planning

A new Rocky Mountain Institute study shows that status quo energy systems could cost Africa up to $180 billion over the next decade.

Cameroon secures $200m deal to boost inclusive and sustainable growth

Cameroon’s Minister of Economy, Planning and Regional Development and the World Bank Country Director for Cameroon, have signed a $200m Development Policy Credit, which aims to strengthen fiscal sustainability, enhance competitiveness.
Gas Megahub project

African LNG market projected to attract $103bn in 2019

The African LNG market holds 7.1% of proven global gas reserves and is expected to contribute nearly 10% of global production growth through to 2024.
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Next Einstein Forum recognises groundbreaking research

The Next Einstein Forum has announced its third Class of NEF Fellows, whose research and innovations are contributing to solve Africa's and the world's most pressing challenges.

MIGA issues record $5.5bn in guarantees

MIGA has mobilised $9.3bn in development financing by issuing $5.5bn in guarantees to cross-border private investors in FY19.

Various sectors continue to boost the growth of global LNG market

The global LNG market is anticipated to reach $19.73 billion by 2026 according to a new study published by Kenneth Research.

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