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JinkoSolar lighting Nigeria with its solar PV solution

JinkoSolar provides high efficient and reliable solar modules to the Lighting Africa programme launched by the World Bank Group for Nigeria.  The modules will be...

Tighten the Environmental, Social and Governance focus or face litigation

Litigation on Environmental, Social and Governance matters is rising in volume, both globally and domestically, but there are various steps that companies can take to mitigate the risks.

Rehabilitating gold mines to create pumped hydro storage

Thyssenkrupp Uhde Arica and Wismut GmbH will do a pre-feasibility study into a renewable underground pumped hydroelectric energy storage (RUPHES) project with a South African mining company.

Home appliance company to power production with solar energy

Appliance manufacturer Electrolux South Africa has embarked on a journey to exit the national electricity grid and move to renewable solar energy.

Using water-dedicated drives to reduce pump blockages

Pump blockages are a growing problem for wastewater systems, where they cause unreliable operations, increased energy usage and premature failure. On a global basis, it is an issue that is estimated to cost the industry billions of dollars a year.

Coal exit list: Who drives the climate chaos?

Three weeks before the start of the UN Climate Summit in Glasgow, Urgewald and 40 partner NGOs have released the 2021 update of the Global Coal Exit List (GCEL).

Analysing different rural electrification approaches in Ghana

Dr Basil Amuzu-Sefordzi, a postgrad research fellow at UWA AfREC,writes about how renewable energy projects in rural Ghana have some built-in limitations and how to circumvent them.

Egyptian gold mine to integrate hybrid energy system into grid

Inverter supplier Sungrow is supplying equipment to Juwi Renewable Energy for a hybrid 36MW off-grid solar farm with a 7.5MW battery energy storage system at Sukari gold mine in Egypt.

Whether Thyspunt or Koeberg, nuclear is essential for South Africa

The best news in years for South Africa’s precarious electricity supply is the announcement by the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy that it plans to go out on tender for 2,500MW of new nuclear power at the end of this fiscal year.

Australia seen as big source of wave power

[img:Voith%20-%20Pic%201_0.jpg| ]15 November 2012 - It is estimated that harnessing a small portion of marine energy could solve the world’s energy crisis to a great extent, and Australia’s vast coastline alone is estimated to hold the potential to produce four times the nation’s power needs, claims a new report by GlobalData.

Southern Ocean is considered one of the most consistent sources of wave energy in the world, and Australia has been busy in the marine energy market over recent years in efforts to benefit from this.

South Australia: power prices escalating

In international news, according to a Melbourne Energy Institute (MEI) report South Australia’s power prices have been artificially inflated by the state’s oligopoly electricity...

Major renewable energy project in Australia

[img:Alcoa - Pic 1_0.jpg|Alcoa’s Pinjarra Cogen
natural gas-fired
plant near Perth in
Western Australia
]Geelong, Australia --- ESI-AFRICA.COMM --- 16 November 2010 - Alcoa of Australia Limited and Greenearth Energy Limited have signed a ground-breaking memorandum of intent (MOI) in a critical first step towards the establishment of base load renewable energy generation in Australia