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Virtualising national T&D grid to promote the energy transition

In efforts to accelerate South Africa's energy transition, Distributed Power Africa (DPA) is working with X (formerly known as Google X), Alphabet’s moonshot factory, to virtualise the country’s electricity grid.

Ed’s note: Challenging COP26 to finance unlikely climate action

In the Pre-COP26 Chairs’ Summary last week, Ministers reaffirmed the critical importance of meeting the $100bn per year climate finance goal.

Africa key to ending use of polluting fuels in the home

The majority of Africa's and most of the world’s rural population rely on polluting fuels for their cooking energy needs.

Micro-mobility and ticketing took centre stage at Smarter Mobility Africa

Giving the green light to a single ticketing system for public transport was on everybody’s lips at the 2021 Smarter Mobility Africa event.

Socio-economic conditions and renewable energy uptake in Zimbabwe

Many countries in Africa view renewable energy as a game changer when it comes to access to electricity. This is especially true for Zimbabwe and its rural development. Ellen Fungisai Chipango explores how socio-economic conditions shape renewable energy uptake in Zimbabwe.

Session 28 Oct: Advancing biogas in the municipal strategic roadmap: pathways to 2030

With specific reference to waste management, local municipalities are in an opportune space to explore technologies such as anaerobic digestion as a sustainable approach to waste management and energy generation.

Workshop recording: Identifying financing options for biogas projects in South Africa

The Digital Global Biogas Cooperation (DiBiCoo) hosts its second stakeholder workshop in South Africa, in partnership with Greencape, on 20 October.