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Cement producer renews O&M agreement for its Nigerian power plant

Wärtsilä and Lafarge Africa have signed an extended 5-year long-term operation and maintenance (O&M) agreement, which includes the cement producer's Ewekoro power plant.

Economic recovery from COVID-19 relies on the green economy

Janavi Da Silva, Director of Programmes at GreenMatter, unpacks the role of the green economy in creating employment opportunities while addressing critical needs in environmentally responsible economic activities, infrastructure and assets.

How to build South Africa’s nuclear project with local skills

Dr David Milne explains how South Africa can build its nuclear power plants without necessarily incurring cost overruns or schedule delays and using the available local skills.

COP26 is a make or break deal for modernising Africa

At COP26, Africa must have its collective voice heard. We want affordable solutions to meet the multiple risks of climate change.

Fixing flaws in Li-ion batteries, focus for World Energy Storage Day

Technology for energy-dense batteries like lithium-ion (Li-ion) has opened new avenues for electric mobility, stationary storage and portable electronic devices.

Webinar 16 November: Deciphering extended reliability testing for solar PV systems

Testing and certification of modules can play a big part in the LCOE of a solar PV system.

TODAY: Compact nuclear power: Affordable, investable, reliable, low carbon power for Africa

Rolls-Royce SMR would like to invite you to an intimate panel discussion with speakers representing the African public sector, private industry players and Rolls-Royce’s nuclear technology experts.